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    Baby Foot is a skincare company with a mission to get rid of dead skin cells from its customers’ feet. These exfoliant packs are designed to protect and maintain healthy looking feet. With the aim to eradicate dead skin build up on cracked feet, Baby Foot uses a special element - fruit acid - to help peel away the layer of hard dead skin. Highly moisturizing in nature, Baby Foot is a product for both men and women. It does not contain any harsh chemicals.

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    For people who don’t have time to scrub and exfoliate their feet, Baby Foot offers the best feet skin care treatment for them. Made to absorb natural ingredients into the skin, the Baby Foot pack is worn like a pair of socks for a substantial amount of time. Feet are required to be soaked in water on a daily basis to activate the product ingredients.

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    Baby Foot repair comes in several exfoliant packs for both him and her. After using this product, users feel that their feet are smoother and softer than before. Because the product consists of natural ingredients, Baby Foot is a natural repair to dead and dry skin on feet. This is used to rebalance the skin and make it feel fresh again.

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