Belvita breakfast biscuits online at Catch!

Are you a biscuit lover? BelVita Breakfast Biscuits are a delicious way to start your mornings. These crunchy, fruit and fibre bikkies are made with five whole grains, have no added colours or preservatives, and are low in GI. They have been gently baked as part of a breakfast meal, so that there is a sustained release of carbohydrates for over four hours to keep you going all morning! Belvita breakfast biscuits are oh-so satisfying and taste absolutely amazing - these breakfast staples will help you stay energized when you’re on your 9 to 5 and keep you going on the weekend too.

Belvita biscuits - satisfying and delicious

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits with Honey & Chocolate are a delicious morning treat that go amazingly with that cup of coffee or tea. These nutritious and delicious breakfast biscuits are a guaranteed favourite for the whole family - grab yourself a few packs here at Catch and you’ll save big bucks!