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    Herbal Tea For Weight Loss - Bondi Beach tea online

    Bondi Beach Tea Co create their herbal teas using only the best of the best ingredients. All 100% organic with no additives or preservatives, setting themselves apart from the competition. If you’re not impressed already, their teas have been recommended by nutritionists and naturopaths! What more is there to say? Discover the slimming, detoxifying, metabolism boosting benefits of the Herbal Teas by Bondi Beach Tea Co for yourself. Browse the herbal teas we have on offer here at Catch - Australia’s favourite online shopping destination!

    Herbal Tea - The elixir of life

    With so many crazy diets and methods for weight loss out there, it can all get quite confusing and overwhelming. But the Bondi Beach Tea Co way is so SIMPLE. The 28-day detox program lets your body cleanse, restore & thrive, with remarkable results in just 7 days for some! Formulated with dandelion (helping with detox), acai berry (a natural antioxidant) & many more health-promoting herbal ingredients, you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover Bondi Beach Tea Co earlier. But now that you have, check em’ out at Catch!