Garnier: inspired and driven by nature

Garnier believes that true modern beauty is best achieved with simple products made naturally. Active ingredients from natural sources make Garnier the go-to for the most alluring skin and hair you can achieve. Plants, buds, fruits and seeds are used to create Garnier’s signature products that let your skin and hair glow with the most natural ingredients possible. These ingredients are made into your favourite products with Garnier’s expertise and cutting-edge techniques that guarantee an amazing result. Check out our massive variety of Garnier hair and skincare essentials, all right here at Catch of the Day!

The best hair and skincare there is

Garnier Fructis haircare products are made with active fruit concentrate and guarantee to give you the transformed hair you’re looking for. Without silicones, parabens or added colourants that can damage your hair, Garnier Fructis conditioner is your natural choice to keep your hair healthy. Garnier’s Pure Active daily cleansing wash is just what you need to deeply cleanse your pores without irritation. Keeping your skin glowing and moisturised, Garnier skincare products are made to cleanse and hydrate the natural way.

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