Vego: Amazing chocolate bars - only better

Vego stands for quality, fair trade and ingredients that keep you going for longer. With the tastiest vegan chocolate bars and gluten-free snacks in the world, Vego is the way to go. Conquer your sweet tooth today with awesome flavour with Vego’s Hazelnut Chocolate Bars, made with whole hazelnuts and all-vegan ingredients. Isn’t it about time you felt good about your chocolate habit? Grab your Vego chocolate bars and more vegan treats at Catch today!

Nothing but the best ingredients

From the finest Italian hazelnuts to high quality cocoa cream, Vego bars are made for quality as much as amazing flavour. Vego blends its prime ingredients in a unique process to create the insanely delicious Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar. This whopping vegan treat weighs in at 150 grams, making it every serious chocoholic’s dream.

Vegan, Organic and Fair Trade goodness

Aside from being possibly the tastiest chocolate bar in the world, Vego is 100% vegan-friendly, organically crafted and complies with Fair Trade practises to create a chocolate bar that’s as game-changing as it is simply delicious. Contribute to a better future, all the while fuelling up with delicious animal-free chocolate bars, now coming in a massively practical 30 Pack. Stock up on your not-so-guilty treats today at Catch, without busting the bank!

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