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There's just something about home baking that is totally unmatched by stuff you find in the store or from a big baked goods chain. Sure it's messy, doesn't always go according to plan and in the worst cases, ends in dissapointment. However, when everything goes right, the satisfaction of eating your own home made creation and it actually turning out better than what you thought it could, that's simply priceless. So, maybe you've shifted your thinking a bit, maybe you're confident you could bake a decent cake, some home made muffins or even take a run at the mighty croquembouche (okay, probably not that one) but where do you start? You could go down to the supermarket, trudge through endless aisles in search of the particular ingredients you need only to be met with an intimidating number of brands and products of varying quality, or, you could save yourself the hassle entirely! Catch stocks only the best and concentrated range of baking products so you can get the high quality you desire at prices you deserve! Shop online and save across the massive range of baking mixes and baking accessories and get them delivered straight to your door at Catch!

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As you develop your passion for baking delicious home made treats for your friends and family, naturally, your skills will grow and along with them your baking needs. Luckily Catch has you covered with a select range of baking accessories from premium and well renknowned brands such as Cake in a box, NY cakes and Bakels. Whether you want to experiment and unleash some creative flair in the kitchen or if you just want to keep it simple, you won't be able to ignore the sheer quality of baking goods on offer at prices you'll love. Save yourself some time, order from our range of premium bake mixes and accessories, while you're at it beat the queues and get exactly what you need delivered straight to your door at Catch!