2 x Finish Dishwasher Freshener Lemon & Lime

It's never nice opening your dishwasher only to be hit in the face by horrible odours. Put an end to this with Finish! A click-on dishwasher freshener that works with dual action liquids scented with lemon and lime to eliminate horrible smells rather than masking them.


  • Finish Dishwasher Freshener
  • Scent: Lemon & Lime
  • 5 power actions
  • Up to 60 washes each
  • Dual action liquids 
  • Helps fight odours
  • Provides instant freshness
  • Minimal fragrance transfer onto dishes
  • Country of origin: Hungary

 Safe Storage Advice:

  • Store laundry & dishwashing capsules up high, out of reach and out of sight of children.
  • If stored in lower accessible cabinets/cupboards, these should be secured with child resistant locks.
  • Keep capsules/packets in their original container, fully closed between uses.


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18 August 2019


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26 July 2019


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04 February 2017

stop odours

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16 August 2016

great product. leaves a great citrus smell.

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19 May 2015

really like the smell feels clean and fresh

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