Boomjoy Folding Spin Bucket Mop

The Boomjoy spin mop is the amazing mop that cleans floors more efficiently than traditional mops, saving you both time and effort. Its unique, labour-saving design swivels 360 degrees while mopping, allowing you to get to those hard to reach places by pivoting under furniture, with a folding head that tackles nooks and crannies with ease. It features am absorbent microfibre pad that dusts, cleans and polishes your floors without leaving streaks or smears.


  • Boomjoy Folding Spin Bucket Mop
  • Pack contents:
    • Spin mop
    • Mop head
    • Bucket
  • Hand press self spin drying.
  • Bucket dislodges particles from mop head
  • Removes excess water 
  • Folding mop head for access to stairs, corners and ceilings
  • 360° swivelling microfibre mop head
  • Single bucket for easy storage
  • Machine washable mop head
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 
    • Mop: 128 x 21.5 (L)
    • Bucket: 31 x 25 (Diameter x H)