Boomjoy Hands-Free Twist Microfibre Mop

Having a hard time cleaning the house? Put the Boomjoy hands-free twist microfibre mop to the test! This easy wring mop twists and maneuver around hard-to-reach spaces, edges, and corners, with 360 swivel rotation for fast and effective cleaning.


  • Boomjoy Hands-Free Twist Microfibre Mop 
  • Colour: Brown/Beige
  • Twist to dry mechanism
  • Wrings water out by up to 95%
  • 360 swivel rotation
  • Easily maneuvers around hard-to-reach spaces, edges, and corners
  • Absorbent microfibre mop head
  • Adjustable handle with locking hinges
  • Material specification: Stainless steel/ABS
  • Handle length (approx. cm): 78-130